A Journey of Longing

86'd - Ran Kime

These people are vampires.

Their stares hurt.

Today, my profoundness is mediocre at best.

Get me to the grave,

my liver throbs.

One more drink to wash last night away.

Honesty is the best bet.

Bet your home in a Mexican standoff.

Bet your life with the reaper on Second Street.

Bet hope and despair,

a pair of friends.

Bet karmic debt,

she longs for you.

Some days,

I stand still with meds,

mind you.

I listen to the tinnitus,

its incessant hiss.

I want to be free,

but only in my mind.

I want love, but at a distance.

I want hope, but in a storybook.

Banged up and broken,

we all dwell on the past.

Broken dreams haunt from the debris.

Stream of thought.

Calloused ways.


Until home is your hunger.

Home swallows you and asks for seconds.

I’m just getting warmed up,

and the next one

will be on your lap with an ode to farewell.

I leave nothing but words,

and the letters on my grave…

read “Salvation.”

Just know I tried my best.