Daze-n-Days (make it end)

A poignant moment of farewell

Daze-N-Days - Spectre of the Brocken: #title

Days passed without exchanging words.

She seemed beyond reach,

not through mind maps,

but through conventional communication.

Expressing her exhaustion,

she declared a desire to depart.

One evening,

she cautiously approached the boundary of our property,

whispering, “This marks the last glimpse you’ll ever have of me.” 

Alright,” I nonchalantly responded.

Her disappointment was palpable.

Standing there,

sulking for three minutes,

she sought a reaction,

but I couldn’t care less.

In my mind,

I envisioned confronting her soul in another life,

anticipating it to be a reincarnation of an abusive father,

working out his stress on my face. 


I looked forward to such a bizarre scenario. 

Any improvement is preferable to the present state.

Daze-n-Days: You can find this story in the collection “Spectre of the Brocken: Halo for the Observer.”

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Ran Kime Writer
Ran Kime, a writer, poet, musician and recluse from New Hampshire, crafts abstract stories, flash fiction & poetry that probe the psyche. His collections include “Spectre of the Brocken: Halo for the observer” and “Way Past Tipsy & Other Silent Cries for Help”.