Get Me Gone

A Continuation

get me gone - Spectre of the Brocken: #title

I lift my gaze gradually, and there she stands, chatting animatedly, seemingly with herself. Her arms dance through the air, and her lips move rapidly, but I can’t discern any distinct words. I cautiously expose my right eye, peering from the edge.

Caught in the Act, she spots me peeking and erupts, “What the fuck! Are you eavesdropping on my conversation?” I sink back down, shifting my focus to the vast blue sky, inhaling deeply, indulging in thoughts of escape. Giggles and vows jump carelessly through time, marking the onset of their newfound giddy love.

The scene rewinds like a game of hop-scotch, kissing the riptide, and I find solace in self-hiding. “Hey, idiot!” She hollers from the shore, yet I offer no response. My weakness prevails; there’s no anymore left.

Emotions have long departed, paid for by the cost of this journey. The graffiti of truth etched on my forehead. Fool.

I am weak, clinging to the hope that lies in wait, though it seems indifferent to me. Pity resonates in the words of the gypsy, the palm reader, the psychic. 

Desperation builds like a hostage at sea…

For heaven’s sake, just get me away from here! Get Me Gone!

Get Me Gone: This story can be found in the collection “Spectre of the Brocken: Halo for the Observer”

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Ran Kime Writer
Ran Kime, a writer, poet, musician and recluse from New Hampshire, crafts abstract stories, flash fiction & poetry that probe the psyche. His collections include “Spectre of the Brocken: Halo for the observer” and “Way Past Tipsy & Other Silent Cries for Help”.