Not Wanted

The Quest for Divine Intervention

Not Wanted - Spectre of the Brocken - Ran Kime

Lord, beings of light, 

Why haven’t you arrived for me? 

I heard of your plights,

I heard you connect with others through meditation and thought.

But I am more, am I not?

You have yet to surround me in your orgasmic dimensional light.

Am I such a waste case that I am disqualified of dissection because of my self-inflicted contaminated innards? 

Is this phase of your experiments not my strong suit? 

Why, lord beings of light?

Give me abduction or give me death. 

Not Wanted: You can find this story in the collection “Spectre of the Brocken: Halo for the Observer.”

(Not sure if they are the same)

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Ran Kime Writer
Ran Kime, a writer, poet, musician and recluse from New Hampshire, crafts abstract stories, flash fiction & poetry that probe the psyche. His collections include “Spectre of the Brocken: Halo for the observer” and “Way Past Tipsy & Other Silent Cries for Help”.