Swan Song of the Desperate

The Transformative Power of Authenticity

Spectre of the Brocken: #title

This memo delivered secretly from a place of deep affection and includes the long overdue recognition you deserve. I don’t intend for this to linger; so please burn after reading, sparing it from the fate of prying eyes and languishing in a damp basement for years of mold or decades of attic dust.

I once again stumbled upon you, only to discover that your heart beat still flutters when it once merely functioned, it seems implausible. 

In a world ripe for exploration, many of us confine ourselves to familiar corners, unwittingly narrowing the spectrum of the possibility that the universe might unroll the red carpet out before us. 

What does the world truly offer when all we have are bills to settle?

We can bake our own bread, cultivate our own celery, or lose ourselves at sea, drifting alone in our sailboat. You and I, and only you and I, exist in this moment. Eclipsing the constraints of time and space.

I extend my hand. I’m met with a surprising hesitancy, a deviation from her usual instinctive response. 

A wave of uncertainty floods over me. 

Is this truly what I want? 

Eventually, she reciprocates, reaching back. I, however, now retract with a sudden, involuntary jerk.

“Is this some kind of test?” She asks. 

Her eyes, once an unread open book, are now enigmatic. 

She now exists in the past, my past. 

No longer a thought or distant hum nagging at the back of my neck. 

This moment has arrived, and my decision is made.

I finish the session. 

Log out, and let myself adrift. 


With not mine, but your thoughts.

Swan Song of the Desperate: You can find this story in the collection “Spectre of the Brocken: Halo for the Observer.”

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Ran Kime Writer
Ran Kime, a writer, poet, musician and recluse from New Hampshire, crafts abstract stories, flash fiction & poetry that probe the psyche. His collections include “Spectre of the Brocken: Halo for the observer” and “Way Past Tipsy & Other Silent Cries for Help”.